Welcoming Team, Visitation Volunteers, Sunday School Teachers, Library Ministry 

Our Welcoming Team: These special volunteers will greet you upon arrival at the church. They will answer your questions, hand you a bulletin, and direct you to your desired location (e.g., SS, Sanctuary, etc.)

Visitation Volunteers: Christians who are burdened to help minister to those who cannot come to the church. This group will visit shut-ins, the elderly, and sick members. We want everyone to know they are missed and they are loved by the church family.

Sunday School Teachers are a group of great volunteers who have taken up the joy of teaching. They prepare lessons from God's Word for a variety of different age levels so that all can learn and understand God's love and purpose for their lives.

The Church Library is a place where an individual can check out books for their personal use. These books are donated from the church body for everyone to enjoy. Our Library Workers work diligently to make sure our inventory is constantly kept up and in order.